Portable Server Room

Using an empty computer case, Raspberry Pi computers, a switch, KVM, power strip, and old laptop strap, I created a portable server room.

Tour of the portable server room..

1 2 3. The Raspberry Pi miniature computers are strapped in and connected to the switch.

4. The switch is used to network the computers together.

5. The KVM switch (K: Keyboard, V: Video, M: Mouse) is used to allow a user control over multiple computers with one keyboard, one mouse, and one monitor.

6. The main keyboard, mouse, and monitor are plugged into the KVM switch here.

7. The power strip provides power to the 3 mini computers and the switch.

8. An extra ethernet cable allows an extra computer or laptop the ability to connect to the self-contained network.

Total cat weight: 21.6 pounds

Total server room weight: 13 pounds

The strap makes carrying the 13 pound portable server room easy.

Detachable panels on the front of the case provide easy access to the hard drive (micro SD card) of the mini computers.

The portable server room contains three miniature R Pi computers. One computer runs Pidora (Fedora / Red Hat). The other two computers run Raspbian (Debian).

Cat (21.6 pounds) vs. Computer room (13 pounds)

The server room is being configured to run a Subversion SVN source code control server, RabbitMQ message queue server and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web server.