The pocket-sized single-board Raspberry Pi computer can communicate (speak) through an FM radio.

1. If you have not configured your Raspberry Pi computer, you can follow this link to get started.

2. Download and install the computer talker program "festival" with the command:

sudo apt-get install festival

3. Once downloaded and installed, plug in a speaker to your Raspberry Pi computer and enter the command to hear your computer talk:

echo "talking." | festival --tts

4. Save the message as a WAV file with the command:

echo talk | text2wave >op.wav

5. Install FFMPEG with the command

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

6. Convert the op.wav file to 22050kHz with the command:

ffmpeg -i "op.wav" -y -ar 22050 "op.wav"

7. Install PiFM to get your computer to send messages over the radio with the following commands:


Once downloaded, extract with this command:

tar -xvzf pifm.tar.gz

8. Tune a radio to 88.0 FM and execute the following command:

sudo ./pifm op.wav 88.0

Results are transmitted to your FM radio to station 88.0.