How James Webb Space Telescope Is Changing Our View of the Universe

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How James Webb Space Telescope Is Changing Our View of the Universe

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Science headlines (auto-generated: powershell, rss, xml). Scientific American.


How JWST Is Changing Our View of the Universe

Link: ... -universe/

The James Webb Space Telescope has sparked a new era in astronomy

The Stunning First Results from JWST

Link: ... from-jwst/

A new view of the universe, moral injury, opioid addiction and inequality, and more in the December issue of Scientific American

Mathematician Who Solved Prime-Number Riddle Claims New Breakthrough

Link: ... akthrough/

After shocking the mathematics community with a major result in 2013, Yitang Zhang now says he has solved an analog of the celebrated Riemann hypothesis

A Honeybee Swarm Has as Much Electric Charge as a Thundercloud

Link: ... ndercloud/

New research shows that bees “buzz” in more than the way you might think.

Which Animals Catch COVID? This Database Has Dozens of Species and Counting

Link: ... -counting/

Tracking how SARS-CoV-2 spreads among animals could help us prepare for the next pandemic

Mental Health Apps Are Not Keeping Your Data Safe

Link: ... data-safe/

With little regulation and sometimes outright deception, the possibility of discrimination and other “data harms” is high

Climate Change Is Fueling a Public Health Crisis. Doctors Need to Address This

Link: ... ress-this/

It???s time for doctors to recognize the growing effects of climate change on people???s health

Do Chimps Share Cool Stuff Just for Fun? Uganda Forest Study Provides a Hint That They Might

Link: ... hey-might/

Could a sighting by researchers in Uganda’s Kibale National Park be a clue that chimps share just for the sake of sharing?

How the EPA's Methane Rule Would Target 'Super-Emitters'

Link: ... -emitters/

Updates to an EPA draft rule would allow third parties to report large methane leaks, requiring oil and gas operators to promptly fix equipment that emits plumes of the potent planet-warming gas

Carbon Emissions Hit a New Record High

Link: ... cord-high/

Fresh data released at the COP27 climate summit show global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are soaring despite an energy crisis

Rule-Breaking Particles Pop Up in Experiments around the World

Link: ... the-world/

Several physics measurements suggest that novel particles and forces exist in the universe

'Persuasion Fatigue' Is a Unique Form of Social Frustration

Link: ... ustration/

When people argue, a kind of frustration called persuasion fatigue can cloud their judgment and harm relationships

Is Space-Based Solar Power Ready for Its Moment in the Sun?

Link: ... n-the-sun/

Around the world, researchers are betting that beamed power from space could be the next big thing for clean energy on Earth

The International Community Must Prioritize COVID Treatment and Test Access

Link: ... st-access/

Global trade rules are extending the COVID pandemic

Readers Respond to the July 2022 Issue

Link: ... 022-issue/

Letters to the editor for the July 2022 issue of Scientific American

Los pueblos y naciones ind??genas son la clave para revertir la destrucci??n de la Amazonia

Link: ... -amazonia/

Mientras los líderes mundiales regresan de COP27 y se preparan para otras reuniones deben escuchar a los pueblos nativos y los planes que estos ponen sobre la mesa para detener la extracción de la Amazonia

Indigenous Groups Are Key to Reversing Amazon Destruction

Link: ... struction/

As world leaders return home from COP 27 and prepare for other meetings they must listen to native peoples and the plans they bring to the table to quell extraction from the Amazon

In First, Scientists Use CRISPR for Personalized Cancer Treatment

Link: ... treatment/

The “most complicated therapy ever” tailors bespoke, genome-edited immune cells to attack tumors

These Punk Rock Penguins Have a Bizarre Breeding Strategy

Link: ... -strategy/

New Zealand's erect-crested penguin lays two eggs, but rejects the first one—the opposite of how most birds prioritize their offspring.

The World Will Likely Miss 1.5 Degrees C--Why Isn't Anyone Saying So?

Link: ... saying-so/

Though many scientists say it’s inevitable that the world will overshoot 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming, the global climate talks unfolding in Egypt are bound to the target

Filmmakers Find Section of Destroyed Space Shuttle Challenger on Ocean Floor

Link: ... ean-floor/

Divers working on a television documentary were searching for a downed World War II aircraft when they instead discovered the NASA artifact

Chances of Finding COVID-Causing Virus Ancestor 'Almost Nil,' Virologists Say

Link: ... gists-say/

A genome analysis finds SARS-CoV-2 and bat coronaviruses shared an ancestor just a few years ago, but extensive recombination has muddied the picture

Weird Weather: How to Tell a Williwaw from a Haboob

Link: ... -a-haboob/

You may have endured a frost quake, pogonip or Saskatchewan screamer without knowing it. Take our tour of weird weather terms to find out

Watch Octopuses Throw Things at Each Other

Link: ... ach-other/

Cephalopods living unusually close together have been filmed throwing shells, algae and silt—sometimes at another octopus

Climate Impacts Threaten Nearly Every Aspect of Life in U.S., Government Report Says

Link: ... port-says/

The effects of climate change in the U.S. are steadily worsening and disproportionately affect the most vulnerable residents, a draft report of the next National Climate Assessment finds
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