Blind Cave Fish May Trade Color for Energy

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Blind Cave Fish May Trade Color for Energy

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Blind Cave Fish May Trade Color for Energy

Link: ... or-energy/

Pasty cave fish seem to repurpose a melanin-making molecule to better survive famine

Doctors Need to Learn to Talk about Suicide

Link: ... t-suicide/

Medical schools have neglected suicide, one of the leading causes of death. Teaching specific skills, including empathy, can help doctors save lives

Recycled Wind Turbines Could Be Made into Plexiglass, Diapers or Gummy Bears

Link: ... mmy-bears/

A new resin can hold fiberglass wind turbines together for years and then be recycled into valuable products, making green energy even greener

COVID Has Set Back Childhood Immunizations Worldwide

Link: ... worldwide/

No child should have to die of a preventable disease. Getting pediatric vaccine numbers back to what they used to be will take money, time and cooperation

New Polio Outbreaks Worldwide Put Scientists on Alert

Link: ... -on-alert/

Cases of paralysis in the U.S. and Israel suggest vaccine-derived poliovirus has infected many people

Long COVID in Children Appears Less Common Than Early Fears Suggested

Link: ... suggested/

Although the risk of long COVID is not insignificant, it is much lower than previously thought

The 'Program Is Precarious': Lori Garver on NASA's Artemis I Moonshot

Link: ... -moonshot/

A former NASA deputy administrator speaks candidly about the troubled history and radical potential of the space agency’s lunar return

Dogs Actually Tear Up When Their Owners Come Home

Link: ... come-home/

Our puppies’ eyes well up, a reaction caused by oxytocin, which makes us want to take care of them even more.

NASA's Artemis I Moon Mission Is 'Go' for Launch

Link: ... or-launch/

The U.S. is preparing to send astronauts to the moon for the first time in 50 years

Putting Cows in Forests Could Prevent Heat-Related Losses

Link: ... ed-losses/

Researchers say Indigenous “silvopasture” practices of raising livestock in naturally forested areas could be a critical tool to protect cows from climate change

How Medicine's Fixation on the Sex Binary Harms Intersex People

Link: ... ex-people/

“Normalizing” infants’ and children’s genital appearance to match a sex assigned in early age isn’t medically necessary and can negatively impact quality of life

Scientists Reflect on Anthony Fauci's Impact

Link: ... is-impact/

From the AIDS epidemic to the COVID-19 pandemic, the iconic medical chief has advised seven presidents on numerous outbreaks

See Iceland Aglow in Volcanic Eruptions

Link: ... eruptions/

A vivid look at Iceland’s recent resurgence of volcanic eruptions—and why the country could be in for 300 years of renewed volcanic activity

See Delicate Rib Vortices Encircle Breaking Ocean Waves

Link: ... ean-waves/

These little-studied mini twisters form beautiful loops under the water’s surface

A Lifelong Quest to Improve Mental Health among Cancer Patients [Sponsored]

Link: ... sponsored/

Recognizing those who are making a meaningful impact in the lives of cancer patients, the Cancer Community Awards, sponsored by AstraZeneca, presents an individual or organization with the President’s Award. We reconnected with Margaret Stauffer, the 2021 winner, to hear more about what’s happened since she received the award.

NASA's Moon-Bound Megarocket Will Send a Spacecraft to an Asteroid, Too

Link: ... eroid-too/

The launch of NASA’s Artemis I mission will also be the start of the first deep-space rendezvous to be conducted by a solar-sail-propelled spacecraft

NASA Unveils Candidate Landing Sites for Artemis Astronauts

Link: ... stronauts/

When humans return to the moon, they’ll likely visit one of these 13 regions near the moon’s south pole

New Tool Helps Predict Where Wildfire Smoke Will Blow

Link: ... will-blow/

Scientists are working on ways to better anticipate the pathways—and health dangers—of drifting wildfire smoke

Climate Change Actions Are Far More Popular Than People in U.S. Realize

Link: ... s-realize/

“False social reality” obscures widespread U.S. support for climate protection measures

Astronomers Reveal New Details of How Stars Devour Planets

Link: ... r-planets/

Surprisingly, some worlds can survive being engulfed by a sunlike star when it swells to become a red giant

Sandcastle Engineering: A Geotechnical Engineer Explains How Water, Air and Sand Create Solid Structures

Link: ... tructures/

Building the ultimate sandcastle

Eye Tests May Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

Link: ... s-disease/

A host of different retinal exams are being evaluated as potential Alzheimer’s screening methods

Bold New Jersey Shore Flood Rules Could Be Blueprint for Entire U.S. Coast

Link: ... u-s-coast/

Coastal flood zones where development is restricted will be based on future climate change projections, not past floods

We Need More Health Clinics at Schools

Link: ... t-schools/

In-school clinics improve well-being and educational outcomes and serve children who need them most
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