Wisdom of Sirach

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Wisdom of Sirach

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Chapter 1.
1 All wisdom is from the Lord
and remains with him forever.

2 The sands of the sea, the drops of rain,
the days of eternity—who can count them?

3 Heaven’s height, earth’s extent,
the abyss and wisdom—who can explore them?

4Before all other things wisdom was created;
and prudent understanding, from eternity.†

6 The root of wisdom—to whom has it been revealed?
Her subtleties—who knows them?†

8 There is but one, wise and truly awesome,
seated upon his throne—the Lord.

9 It is he who created her,
saw her and measured her,
Poured her forth upon all his works,

10 upon every living thing according to his bounty,
lavished her upon those who love him.

Fear of the Lord Is Wisdom*
11 The fear of the Lord* is glory and exultation,
gladness and a festive crown.

12 The fear of the Lord rejoices the heart,
giving gladness, joy, and long life.

13 Those who fear the Lord will be happy at the end,
even on the day of death they will be blessed.

14 The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord;
she is created with the faithful in the womb.

15 With the godly she was created from of old,
and with their descendants she will keep faith.

16 The fullness of wisdom is to fear the Lord;
she inebriates them with her fruits.

17 Their entire house she fills with choice foods,
their granaries with her produce.

18 The crown of wisdom is the fear of the Lord,
flowering with peace and perfect health.†

19 Knowledge and full understanding she rains down;
she heightens the glory of those who possess her.

20 The root of wisdom is to fear the Lord;
her branches are long life.

21 The fear of the Lord drives away sins;
where it abides it turns back all anger.

22 Unjust anger can never be justified;
anger pulls a person to utter ruin.

23 Until the right time, the patient remain calm,
then cheerfulness comes back to them.

24 Until the right time they hold back their words;
then the lips of many will tell of their good sense.

25 Among wisdom’s treasures is the model for knowledge;
but godliness is an abomination to the sinner.

26 If you desire wisdom, keep the commandments,
and the Lord will bestow her upon you;

27 For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and discipline;
faithfulness and humility are his delight.

28 Do not disobey the fear of the Lord,*
do not approach it with duplicity of heart.

29 Do not be a hypocrite before others;
over your lips keep watch.

30 Do not exalt yourself lest you fall
and bring dishonor upon yourself;

For then the Lord will reveal your secrets
and cast you down in the midst of the assembly.
Because you did not approach the fear of the Lord,
and your heart was full of deceit.
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Re: Wisdom of Sirach

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Chapter 2.

1 My child, when you come to serve the Lord,
prepare yourself for trials.

2 Be sincere of heart and steadfast,
and do not be impetuous in time of adversity.

3 Cling to him, do not leave him,
that you may prosper in your last days.

4 Accept whatever happens to you;
in periods of humiliation be patient.

5 For in fire gold is tested,
and the chosen, in the crucible of humiliation.

6 Trust in God, and he will help you;
make your ways straight and hope in him.

7 You that fear the Lord, wait for his mercy,
do not stray lest you fall.

8 You that fear the Lord, trust in him,
and your reward will not be lost.

9 You that fear the Lord, hope for good things,
for lasting joy and mercy.

10 Consider the generations long past and see:
has anyone trusted in the Lord and been disappointed?
Has anyone persevered in his fear and been forsaken?
has anyone called upon him and been ignored?

11 For the Lord is compassionate and merciful;
forgives sins and saves in time of trouble.

12 Woe to timid hearts and drooping hands,
to the sinner who walks a double path!

13 Woe to the faint of heart! For they do not trust,
and therefore have no shelter!

14 Woe to you that have lost hope!
what will you do at the Lord’s visitation?

15 Those who fear the Lord do not disobey his words;
those who love him keep his ways.

16 Those who fear the Lord seek to please him;
those who love him are filled with his law.

17 Those who fear the Lord prepare their hearts
and humble themselves before him.

18 Let us fall into the hands of the Lord
and not into the hands of mortals,
For equal to his majesty is his mercy;
and equal to his name are his works.
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Re: Wisdom of Sirach

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Chapter 3.

1 Children, listen to me, your father;
act accordingly, that you may be safe.

2 For the Lord sets a father in honor over his children
and confirms a mother’s authority over her sons.

3 Those who honor their father atone for sins;
4 they store up riches who respect their mother.

5 Those who honor their father will have joy in their own children,
and when they pray they are heard.

6 Those who respect their father will live a long life;
those who obey the Lord honor their mother.

7 Those who fear the Lord honor their father,
and serve their parents as masters.

8 In word and deed honor your father,
that all blessings may come to you.

9 A father’s blessing gives a person firm roots,
but a mother’s curse uproots the growing plant.

10 Do not glory in your father’s disgrace,
for that is no glory to you!

11 A father’s glory is glory also for oneself;
they multiply sin who demean their mother.

12 My son, be steadfast in honoring your father;
do not grieve him as long as he lives.

13 Even if his mind fails, be considerate of him;
do not revile him because you are in your prime.

14 Kindness to a father will not be forgotten;
it will serve as a sin offering—it will take lasting root.

15 In time of trouble it will be recalled to your advantage,
like warmth upon frost it will melt away your sins.

16 Those who neglect their father are like blasphemers;
those who provoke their mother are accursed by their Creator.

17 My son, conduct your affairs with humility,
and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts.

18 Humble yourself the more, the greater you are,
and you will find mercy in the sight of God.†

20 For great is the power of the Lord;
by the humble he is glorified.

21 What is too sublime for you, do not seek;
do not reach into things that are hidden from you.

22 What is committed to you, pay heed to;
what is hidden is not your concern.

23 In matters that are beyond you do not meddle,
when you have been shown more than you can understand.

24 Indeed, many are the conceits of human beings;
evil imaginations lead them astray.

25 Without the pupil of the eye, light is missing;
without knowledge, wisdom is missing.

26 A stubborn heart will fare badly in the end;
those who love danger will perish in it.

27 A stubborn heart will have many a hurt;
adding sin to sin is madness.

28 When the proud are afflicted, there is no cure;
for they are offshoots of an evil plant.

29 The mind of the wise appreciates proverbs,
and the ear that listens to wisdom rejoices.

Alms for the Poor
30 As water quenches a flaming fire,
so almsgiving atones for sins.

31 The kindness people have done crosses their paths later on;
should they stumble, they will find support.
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