Upload pictures and files from your computer to the web server

OpLoad provides website users and administrators a simple, drop-in solution to support file uploads.

OpLoad consists of 3 files (2 php, 1 js). When dropped into your website, users and visitors can upload files using a web browser.



Step 1. Select an image file to upload.

Step 2. Click the upload button.

uploaded image

Purchase Options

Single License

  • $60
  • Single server license
  • Access to all files (js, php)
    Enterprise License

  • $160
  • Multi-server license (15 servers)
  • Access to all files (js, php)
  • IP address logging logic
  • 1 hour tech support, configuration assist

    OpLoad License Type

    an oproot experiment
    P.O. Box 235
    Hondo TX 78861
    email: code@oproot.com