Recognition of D. Kevin Adams
Published January 26, 2022

January 31 2022, my father, D. Kevin Adams, will leave SMA Technologies and I would like to communicate a personal recognition of his accomplishments during his career and 25 year tenure with SMA.

Prior to joining SMA in 1993, Kevin expeditiously graduated Stephen F. Austin University in 3 years, with a Computer Science major and minor in Mathematics.

Kevin joined the U.S. Air Force and volunteered for "hazard pay" to keep his small, but growing family fed. Shortly after I was born on Lackland Air Force Base, Kevin's "hazard pay" category had him in a human centrifuge at Brooks Air Force Base.

Working as a scientific assistant and human test subject in the computation science division of the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory, he started making and breaking human endurance records.

As an aviator, Kevin piloted aircraft. During one unusual flight, the aircraft lost all propulsion power. He was forced to successfully execute a dead-stick landing.

After concluding service in the US Air Force, Kevin's career included working at NASA in Houston, Texas.

Kevin developed software used by Ground Control for monitoring and control of space shuttle launches and operations.

1993. Kevin joined SMA (Software and Management Associates) to expand a workload scheduling product called "The Scheduler".

The product expansion led to a vision for a "single point-of-control cross-platform system" for an entire data center regardless of Operating System. The Operations Console Cross-platform System was branded "OpCon XPS". Kevin wrote the core services for the product, the UNIX agent, the Windows agent, and VMS agent. His extensible codes, complex formulas, and secure encryption algorithms executed successfully for 20+ years. The code nucleus was ported to C# in 2015 and Kevin traveled the world delivering automation and orchestration success to server rooms and data centers. His travels took him through many states in the USA and included many countries throughout North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

OpCon is plugged into server rooms and data centers around the world.

April 2005. Anna, my first child (his first grandchild), was born. During this exciting time, my father was onsite writing OpCon connectors with a large financial technologies company team in Maine, whom he called friends. He shared the exciting news of becoming a grandfather with his friends. The Symitar Episys, OSI (aka Fiserv DNA), FICS, Corelation connector, and many of his assorted utilities kicked the door open for SMA's growth into the credit union industry.

His prodigious impact reverberates through the generations.

This year. Anna, my first child (his first grandchild), excelled in academics, received her high school letter jacket, was recognized 4th in Class 2023, worked as the school newspaper editor and competed in athletics. She leveraged her experience as the school newspaper editor by conceiving and creating an online proofreading and copy-editing business at Adams Proofreading and Copy Editing


Considering Kevin's years and decades of hard work, the recognition he has been awarded, his exemplary example and tremendous success, I have a profound sense of appreciation for the role Kevin has played in my life and in the lives of many others.

Kevin pointing towards the horizon.

Thank you.

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